Share Cat Photos

DC Cat Count

The DC Cat Count encourages you to become a citizen scientist by contributing photos of cats seen outside for inclusion in our project!

You can participate by downloading the iNaturalist application onto your phone and snapping photos of cats you see outside in Washington, D.C. iNaturalist was created by the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic and is widely used to capture images of nature and wildlife all around the world.

Download and set up the app:

  • Download the iNaturalist app
  • Create a free account
  • Click More on the bottom of the welcome screen
  • Click Projects and search for The D.C. Wildlife Survey (D.C. must be written with periods.)
  • Click Join, this will make the project available to you when you make observations.

Make a cat observation:

  • Open the iNaturalist application
  • Click Observe
  • Take a photo of a cat or upload one you have previously taken
  • On the details page:
    • Change Geoprivacy to Obscured (keeps information for the purpose of this project, only)
    • Select Projects, and click the toggle for The D.C. Wildlife Survey
    • Answer questions related to the cat you observe (color, pattern, etc)
  • Click Share.

All photos of cats seen outside are welcome, but the closer the better! Images and accompanying location data will be used by researchers to identify unique individual cats and estimate the cat population density of Washington, D.C. Thank you for participating!